When Allah Remembers you…

Allah says in the Holy Qura’n:“Remember Me and I shall remember you. Be grateful unto Me and deny Me not.” [Al-Baqara 2:152]


And If you listen to Dawud Warnsby-Ali’s Nasheeds, listen to this Nasheed, you’ll love it, it has the meaning of the above ayah and I love it. How easy it is for us to have Allah remember us, we just have to remember Him through Dhikr and Rememberance.

You can always tell when Allah remembers you
Just remember Allah that’s all you have to do
All you have to do to have Allah remember you
Just remember Allah, jalla jallala hu…

According to one hadith qudsi, Allah says: “I am with my servant as long as he remembers Me.”

Prophet Muhammad, Sall-Allahu alayhi wa sallam, said: “Those who enter paradise will not be sorry for anything they did in this life, except the moments they spent without the remembrance of Allah.”


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