Prayers for Forgiveness

Prayers for Forgiveness

Seeking Spiritual Enlightenment through Sincere Supplication

A Collection of Seventy Prayers for Fogiveness from Hasan Al-Basri

Praying for forgiveness

Praying for forgiveness

1. O Allah, I seek Your forgiveness for every sin that my body, empowered by the good health that You granted, was able to commit; every sin that came within the reaches of my power only due to the grace of Your bounties; every sin to which my hand, nourished by Your ample sustenance, extended. And while sinning, I hid myself behind Your veil from the people; and when fearing You, while engrossed in my sin, I relied on Your assurance of safety and forgiveness; and I took refuge in You, with Your clemency, not to smite me, and I depended on You, with Your noble countenance and pardon, to forgive me.

So send blessings and peace, O my Lord, upon our Master Muhammad, and upon the family of our Master Muhammad, and forgive my sin, O Best of those who forgive!


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