3 Steps I took to overcome missing Fajr

3 Steps I took to overcome missing Fajr

muslimah2I woke up in the morning with the deep burden on my heart that I missed it again. What do I do to make it on time? I have planned different techniques and nothing works – What do I have to do to wake up for fajr and not miss it again?

I remember, I had an important appointment to go to and I went to bed late at night. In order to make it on time for the appointment, I used my alarm and my calendar event for reminders – so I don’t forget and miss my appointment by waking up late. I was able to wake up early and was able to make on time.

So if I can reach for an appointment on time – early in the morning. Why can’t wake up for Fajr I asked myself?


Why waking up for Fajr is Important for me?

“Fajr Time – Wake up you have an appointment with Allah”

Why is Fajr important to me? Why should I make efforts to wake up and pray Fajr? What do I do when I have an important meeting to attend – I asked myself? What do I do when I have an interview and I want to wake up in the morning?, I setup a reminder in my calendar to remind me a night before, I set up multiple alarms to make sure I don’t be late for the meeting. I ask my mom to wake me up if I am not up. I make Dua that I make it on time. So when I know Fajr is the time when Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala) calling me for meeting with Him. He has setup a time for meeting and I must be there to attend. Why don’t I use the same technique therefore I used the tools that are available to me that I use in everyday life – yes I setup a meeting in my calendar on my phone – a meeting with Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala! An awesome way that works for me Alhamdulillah!!!!


Actions taken

First, I make a firm intention in my heart to wake up for fajr – no matter how late I go to bed.

Second, I make specific Dua to Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala, “O Allah give me tawfeeq (ability) to wake up for fajr, get out of bed, make wudu and perform Salah.”  [It is easy to wake up and go back to sleep after telling yourself “…5 minutes more…”

Third, I set up two reoccurring calendar events on my phone since Fajr Salah is at 5:55 am; I setup one event at 5:45 am and another one at 5:55 am.

Note: I wrote an important note to myself that pops up every time my calendar events goes off and it goes like this, “Fajr Time – Wake up you have an appointment with Allah”

Whenever I want to turn off the alarm and go back to sleep these words pop up in front of my eyes telling me that I have an appointment with Allah, I have an appointment with the Lord of the World, King of the kings, Lord of the Heavens and the Earth, The Most Merciful, the All Merciful and if I miss this appointment I will never get a chance again, because every day there is a new appointment, every day there is something new I can ask Him, every day I can meet Him and ask for forgiveness from my sins and for a better day – a day full of good deed. He is giving me special treatment; He has set the time for me and gave me the opportunity to be in His Divine presence, He asked me to be there so how can I deny Him? How can I deny the appointment and not go and be in His Presence – in the Presence of the Lord of the Worlds!

As-salatu Khairu minan Naum – Salah is better than sleep

Yes, this is when I truly realized that “Yes, Salah is better than sleep…” I learned that we have to conquer our nafs (self) and our sleep to be in Allah’s Divine Presence, we have to overcome our obstacles.



Setting up calendar event worked for me and I have been successful waking up for Fajr and attend the most important meeting of all – Alhamdulillah!

What works for you? Need help figuring it out? Let me help you find your way to the meeting with Allah (Subhanahu wa ta’ala)… Let me help you create your own Roadmap to Jannah.

Praying Fajr Salah on time was my first turn; first turn at Fajr Ave North east J  my first step! – what is yours? [Qur’an Blvd, Salah Street, Arabic Crescent?]

The change can be simple; you can give yourself the gift of a free 30 minute coaching session to change your life too.

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