Donations for Pakistan Flood Victims

My eyes were full of tears when I was about to break my fast knowing a lot of my brothers and sisters in the world are hungry and have no food to ead and no clean water to drink. And a lot of my Muslim brothers and sisters will have nothing to eat or to break their fast with.

Many children will be looking at their parents with questioning eyes and they are trying to hide not knowing how to answer the questions in their eyes.

Many Children orphans now and there is no one to feed them and they have no one to turn to and look at with the questioning eyes even.

As I was breaking my fast with the blessings of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala I was thinking how could I share this blessing with those who are without it?

What can I do?

What can we do to be thankful to Allah for these belssings?

We can thank Allah by sharing with those who are without it and less fortunate.

Find local needy Muslim families and take the neccessity of iftar, daily food to them.

What else can we do? Donate to the flood victims of Pakistan

Here are some links you can find to donate money or find local organizaitons sending aid to the Pakistan Flood Victims.

Here are few links:

Donation links and relief resources for Pakistan Flood victims


Donate to UNICEF’s Pakistan Flood Children’s Appeal UK

Red Cross Canada

Islamic Relief USA

PIA Pakistan Flood Relief

World Vision Canada

Please share your links

The most noble of mankind in this world are the generous, and the most noble in the afterlife are the God-fearing. – Ali Radi Allahu Anhu


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